23 June 2011

The lovely Allison here is holding up a dress that's two parts unspecified female superhero and one part The Flintstones. Because why not slap some leopard-print cap sleeves on an otherwise unobjectionable dress? But that's not the point. Allison has a blog of her own on cooking, and it's cute and funny, and you should read it. It's called A Cup of Peanut Butter is A Lot, and you can find it here.

Allison's boyfriend is leaving tomorrow for a whole long weekend with our theater company, and I'm concerned that she might get a little lonely. So Allison, here's your challenge: make a nice dinner, just for you. You don't have to go the full Julia Child and make Coq au Vin or anything like that, but you have to make something creative--i.e., no recipe. Recipes are stupid and constraining, so just throw some stuff that you like in a pot or a pan and see what happens. Also, it can't be from a box. Or a can. And it must have more than three ingredients. And then you need to write about it, because I'm sure it will either be delicious or hilarious. Okay? Go!

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