14 June 2011

Another trend for summer, ever so slightly more bearable than the strapless rompers: satin scarves repurposed as casual wear.

I have this satin bathrobe that my ex bought me in Chinatown in Toronto years ago that reminds me of the shirt at the top. But you know what, I've never ventured out of the house with it. Though I inadvertently walked halfway to work in my fuzzy slippers one morning when I lived in Boston. I got all the way to the Dunkin Donuts on the corner before I looked down at my feet and laughed at myself. I hope it doesn't take that long for the person who buys this stuff to look down at their torso and recognize the utter ridiculousness of their attire.

1 comment:

  1. I would wear that skirt with a black shirt, especially if it had an elastic waist. It's kinda bohemian chic. Ix-nay on the tops, though!