22 April 2011

Travel Post: Boston

Boomerangs in Jamaica Plain is kinda like Goodwill: secondhand stuff that's sometimes amazing, sometimes utter crap, and often laughable. And every purchase benefits the Aids Action Committee. Despite Boomerangs lofty purpose, I'm still going to make fun of it.

No, it's not from Marden's, but it might as well be. And as my good friend Zach pointed out, Boomerangs and Goodwill kind of go a level up on Marden's: not only has some misguided company manufactured this product, someone actually bought it, kept it for a little while, and then finally decided it wasn't for them. Today, we have (I'm guessing?) a fat people chip-and-dip bowl.

And a beer guzzler helmet. I'm sensing a theme here.

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