24 April 2011

Happy Ham Day!

I've been saving this extra special post for Easter because it makes me envision springtime, church, and virgins. Please note that Jillian and I found it hidden amongst the regular dresses in Ellsworth, not in the Satin-and-Chiffon-Oh-Please-Kill-Me-Now Bridal Gown Extravaganza currently being held in Brewer.

It looks like a little girl's First Communion dress, yes? And in that context, it's super cute. But only for an extra husky seven-year-old (written with respect; I myself am no Barbie doll), because it is in fact a women's size 20. I'm thinking it could work for a demure [adult] bride who likes herself a nice modesty vest. Gotta cover up those arms until the weddin' night! No really, I've seen actual second-graders show more skin at their actual First Communions.

Say hello to Mannequin Julia Roberts and Mannequin Ted Danson from the aforementioned Gag Me With Tuelle Wedding Show in Brewer. (What? They totally look like Jules & Ted!) They time traveled here from the early '90s, and they think that dress is fugly too.

On a separate note, I've been posting here a little under two weeks, and you guys have already given this little blog over 1,000 page views. Thank you muchly, and keep the pictures coming!

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