01 March 2017

Your Metallic Shoe Headquarters

Hey everyone! Erin-Margaret here - Sarah and I once shared an apartment at UMaine, who knew we also shared a love for Maine's eclectic superstore?!  This morning I needed some thread and some fabric for a quilt I am working on, and Marden's is the BEST place for quilting supplies - so off I went.  I found several gems today - here are a few:

 Need a little more luster in your life?  Look no further.

 This lovely pair of silver-toned moon boots bring a feeling of nostalgia that has me looking for country kitchen bags to wear over my feet and the nearest sledding hill.  If you're looking for durability, these boots look like they have about as much as the original moon boots from the 80's..approximately 20 minutes.

If you're into luxury - check these babies out.  The loafer/mule design, the "rose gold" color, the FUR..Not sure where to begin here.  Need a little extra warmth and comfort for your C3PO costume?  Want to feel like you're kicking around Trump Tower or the "Winter White House"?  Slip your tired dogs into this luxurious faux fur and step out!  All for the low, low price of $13.99!

Actually...It is.
Do you love Awkward Family Photos AND puzzles?  Well, check this out - satisfy both needs in one with this 999 piece puzzle!  Nothing says family fun time like building a puzzle of other people and their pets...


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