16 March 2017

When wandering the aisles of Mardens looking for items for this blog (or any other time, really) I'm often confronted with the same question.  Whether it is in ladies clothing, shoes, toys... and especially in the questionable foods section, the question remains the same - "But - WHY?!".

 I'm all about this toy - looks like a blast...but can we have a conversation about that tag line?

When you're ready to play dirty?

Do you think the marketing interns had a bet to see what they could sneak by the execs?  I hope someone won some cash, or a bucket of chicken wings or something...

Speaking of marketing - check out this amazing sign from the crack team at Mardens. Don't know what to get?  Yep.  Still don't, but thanks.
 Another gem for the marketing files - Look, I get it. It's a cover that just goes over the top of the grill...but why bikini?  Do they think it's sexy?  I know nothing get's me going like a grill with a nice tight top....

 All about the Benjamins (and Grants)?  only have $6? - well, problem solved.  Buy this shirt and you'll feel like...well, probably like 6 bucks.  Say it with me now, BUT WHY?!
 Look.  I like Guy Fieri as much as the next chubby chick who likes burgers - but come on...I suppose if I were bald and wanted to look like a middle aged frat guy on a budget, I'd go this route - otherwise, WHY?

 Cute lion...I kinda love the part down the middle...but the bedazzled mustache?  Also it's only about 1.5 inches tall...I bet some adorable little memere has a cute little curio with an entire bedazzled jungle just waiting for her king...I hope she finds you, little buddy!
 These are "good" until 2019....yeah, doubtful.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Ugly Crap I Found at Mardens!  This is our opinion, we welcome yours!

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